skies tuned to a dead channel.

  • GRIFTY at NEXT/Art Chicago – Downloads

    Entro MC – Live at NEXT/Art Chicago Here’s me totally ruining someone’s day with a live set at NEXT in chicago on 5.02.10 Entro MC – Weird You Out (Instrumental) Clipse – Grinding The Cool Kids – 88 Dirty Beaches – Low Rider A Tribe Called Quest – The Pressure Washed Out – Feel it [...]

"Hey honey put your slacks on...

I got some quarters so we can play zaxxon."

Entro, formerly known as Kid Entropy is a Chicago based emcee, writer, producer, and dj. He is obssessed with politics, health, veganism, video games, technology and conceptual art theory. Don't ever start a conversation with him about sports.


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